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why do i need a new sim card

  • 22 May 2020
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I'm just trying to change my phone plan and only my phone plan. I already have a phone (which I have paid off the tab for) and it already has an active Koodo SIM card in it. When I go to the option for changing my plan (specifically the current promotional offer for 5GB data +unlimited talk n text for $50/month) it says I need to get a new sim card... Why? The card I have is just fine and I don't want the hassle of having to change it and or wait for it to come in the mail I just want more data and a lower bill. I have an ancient plan (2012) right now which I've kept for so long because my data overages are $5/500mb from back before Koodo became evil and began gouging us on overages! 100mb overage is now $10 so I'd pay 50 bucks for the same amount my current plan charges me just 5 dollars for... Only problem with my current plan is it only includes 2gb of data and unlimited talk and text for 60 bucks. On average I use about 4or5gb every month so right now that's 2 or 3gb in overages which is only ever at most 30 bucks in overages but that means my monthly bill is 60-90 bucks so for the first time they are offering a promotion where the bill is low enough and the amount of data is within range that I might actually save 10-40bucks a month if I switch.... I'll be so sad to give up my cheap overages... Seems insane to me that I can pay $10/1GB OVERAGES right now and if I switch and do end up going over that same exact 1GB will cost $100. $90 bucks more for something that is just ones and zeros floating through the air seems like highway robbery to me..... But what do I know I'm just a stupid customer! 

1 reply

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Can you post a snapshot where it said you need a new SIM for changing plan? (hide/delete all personal information before posting please).

I wondered if you “added a new plan” instead of changing your current plan to another one. I would suggest you double check, as changing plan shouldn’t require you to change SIM.