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Why cant you see who is calling you if your using a phone in another country?

Im in mexico and when my phone rings, no number or name comes up even when they are in my phone book. just 0000000. So if i miss the call, I have no idea who called. I also have a voicemail and cant retrieve it. Help....

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Hey Andrea, When you use your phone in another country, you're on the network of a roaming partner available in the area. Some services may vary when you use your phone overseas. Please note that calling your voicemail to retrieve messages will use your minutes. I suggest to reboot your phone to see if the calls are displayed for new incoming calls. Keep us posted! ******************************************** If you see a good answer, give it a star.
I paid for the add on of recieving phone calls ($40.00). Other canadians are receiving calls with the number displayed and they dont have the service. Ive rebooted. Let's see what happens.