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Why can't I add blackberry social to my Canada wide 30 plan?

  • 12 November 2012
  • 3 replies

Right now I have the BlackBerry connect plus(pro) 2gb add on and I find I use a lot more than I thought and I want to switch back to the BlackBerry social add on, but everyone I go to switch them it's not in the list for available features. I also had the data promo plan then read that the bb social can't be added on to it so I switched to the Canada wide 30, it didn't say anywhere that it can't be added on to the Canada wide plans, so why can I not add it on??!!

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3 replies

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You'll have to call *611 to add it. This is common amoung the BlackBerry add-ons. If you let them know it wasn't available to be added on self-serve, they'll waive the service charge.
You do realize that switching to Blackberry Social will remove your ability to web browse if you aren't on wifi(among other things), right?
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BB Social addons is not compatible with any Data connect, you should choose one or the other but not bot, if you already have Data connect addons, your Social media apps will still work, if your plan is a based BB plan, just remove Data connect addons and then BB social will be available to you on the selfserve, else you should call *611 and they will add it for you with no fees