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why arent unlimited incoming calls not included in all your plans?

Why don't you offer unlimited incoming calls in all plans? I just switched from Virgin and didn't think to ask Best Buy if my plan included incoming calls. Virgin didn't have it listed in their plan details, but it was still included.  If I had known, I would have probably made another choice. Telus has unlimited incoming calls. I think 10.00 extra is a rip off!

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unless you're talking about prepaid (which I have no info on), any Virgin plans that do not included Unlimited Calling do NOT include unlimited incoming calls.
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You might be referring to a grandfathered plan.
In-market plans with Koodo or Virgin include either unlimited calling, or a bucket of minutes that get used up by either incoming or outgoing minutes.
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All current in-market non-unlimited plans with all carriers do not include unlimited incoming minutes.
It would just be best to get an Unlimited Canada-Wide plan, that way you don't have to worry about incoming calls taking up your minutes.
Hope that helps!