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Why aren't toll free numbers not allowed in the 5 essentials add on?

I have 5 essentials. One of the most frequent numbers I call is a toll free number. (It is my work number) I found out that my minutes apply to this number, however I can't add to my five essentials. Why not?

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Toll free means no LD charges so minutes still apply These are the number that can't be added to five essentials: Your Koodo mobile number Your voice mail retrieval number Toll-free numbers 1-900 numbers Numbers outside Canada As for why, I can't say for sure, that's just the way things are at the moment 😞
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I would assume because calling cards usually have an 800 number and they don't want you to be able to assign it to a calling card. There is however a work around. Skype2go will allow you to create a local number that you can assign as a 5 essential and then you can use that number to call your 800 number. Depending on where you're at, Skype2go will be as little as 2.99 per month. Despite it being skype it uses no data.
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I assume (but have no real knowledge) it has to do with preventing one of the following two scenarios. US numbers Calling card access services.