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I have the $60 Canada wide data double plan and I was wondering if the airtime minutes are really unlimited or is it an unlimited within reason kind of thing?

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Also I have no long distance with the canada wide plan right? does that include 1(800)numbers?
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Anna the $60 Canada wide data double plan are COMPLETELY UNLIMITED talking minutes.You have unlimited long distance anywhere in Canada.:)
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Basically, koodo's unlimited plans give you 99,999 minutes per month to use. If you do the math, that's 24 hours a day for about 2 months, so yes, it really is unlimited. (You will still be charged long distance where applicable). With the canada wide plan you can call from anywhere in canada to anywhere in canada with no long distance charges, and receive calls from anywhere worldwide as long as you are in canada. There is never a long distance charge for 1-800 numbers, the 'toll' in toll free refers to the long distance charges.
ok thanks Linda! Much appreciated!