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Where did the data add-ons go?

There use to be lightweight and heavyweight data add-on but I'm not seeing them anywhere... Did they get removed in favour of the double your minutes/data plans?

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Hey speg, if you look under the plans page underneath the plan details it mentions that all plans now include data. The 3 Canada wide and iPhone plans include fixed amounts while the Talk and text plans include pay per use data so you only pay for how much you use. It goes up in increments of 0mb/$0, 25 mb for $5, 100 mb for $10, 300 mb for $15, 1gb for $20 and up to 3gb for $30!
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Dependent upon what plan your on you just have straight data overages and a set amount of data on the Canada wide data plans.If your on a talk and text plan then you have the data saver which fits you automatically into the certain data allotment as to how much data you use,and the cost is dependent upon that.