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when to upgrade plan

I want to upgrade my plan but with monthly billing, I pre-pay for a month, correct? I know my service cycle is from the 14th-14th (tomorrow), but I already paid my e-bill automatically a few days ago. If I upgrade my plan today, will it upgrade immediately? How does the difference get charged?

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If you upgrade now it will be fine.
They just split it up.
If you do it halfway through the month they charge half of one plan half of the other.
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Hello Nicole.

If you update it right now, yes your plan will upgrade right away. As for your plan, you'll see everything you need to know on your following billing cycle! Better change it now (at the end of a billing cycle) then halfway through!
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Hello Nicole! I agree with Robert. You should always try and change your plan for the end of your billing cycle so you can avoid proration charges. If you can, I would recommend making the change today 🙂 have a great evening!