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When is the Next Sale/Promotion?!?!

  • 22 August 2013
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I hope Koodo will just have the plans it did during the sale all the time.. why it has to be over?! and why is there no data addon option?!

4 replies

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If Koodo always had sales then they wouldn't be sales & koodo wouldn't make money, remember koodo is a business and it needs to make money sometime. If you want coverage to expand and the network to grow and better things to come to the company to offer its customers then you can't expect to pay nothing all the time. Anyways koodo could have some back to school deals coming soon we'll have to wait and see. Keep an eye on the website and Koodo's Facebook page for announcements on specials, deals, new devices and other info.
in a couple of weeks i am buying a phone and I'm down to three providers. looking to get promo any time soon
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Most likely in the next week, if not today. Most of their promos are done on Fridays, and this is around the time that carriers start offering the Christmas deals!

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You could check in on Black Friday aswell