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When double data will be ended?

Today I check the plan, so there is double data, so when it will be ended? Thanks

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Promo plan may end at anytime without notice. So if you are interested in them you should get it as soon as you can
but I cannot use my self serve because it is 1 time change per billing cycle, I already use it.
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You can call in and they can change it for you for a $10 charge. If you are lucky the agent may waive the charge at their discretion since it is a new promo with an unknown expiry date
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Or just wait till next month and change. I am certain that this promo will continue or we may get better promo near Christmas holidays.
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I'm estimating that these promos are somewhat Christmas promos. If Fido or Virgin gets competitive and upgrades these promos, I'm sure Koodo will follow. My estimation on when this will end is probably around January but who knows?