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What would be the lowest costing plan per month with this phone, that would give me Canada-wide coverage, Please ??

  • 21 February 2016
  • 3 replies

I currently have a different provider. I am looking for the phone called the 'flip phone '. Through you as my provider, what is my lowest costing plan that I would use the least amount of minutes on; but . and the Big But, I would like it to be nation-wide coverage !! Thankyou , Shirley.

3 replies

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How few minutes do you expect to use per month or year?

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Koodo is all nationwide minutes. The minimal postpaid plan is 35 a month for 200 minutes and unlimited after 5pm as per the Koodo site. Prepaid is 35 now (or always been and I remember wrong) for Canada wide calling unlimited after 5pm plus no expiry minutes you buy in packs.
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Hi Shirley!

The "Flip Phone" that we provide is called Alcatel One Touch. Click here to see it and see how much it costs: http://koo.do/1LDjf81 It's available online only.

As Goran said, our lowest plan is $35 (see details above). Here's more info on our Canada-Wide plans, in case:

Once you receive the phone with the sim card, just give us a call and we'll transfer your line to us:)

Hope this helps :)