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What time does "night" mean?

I see some of the plans include “Unlimited nights and wekends”

What time does “night” begin? 

5pm? 7pm?

I can’t find it anywhere. 


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What plan are you on? Koodo hasn’t offered those type of plans for years now - and the old plans could have been either (5pm or 7pm)

I was looking into getting the $15.00 plan (100 min/250 MB/Unlimited text). 

I’m positive that I read it somewhere on the Koodo web page. Now I can’t find it.

I agree that “Unlimited Evenings and Weekends” and such is a very 1997 thing :-)  but I’m sure I saw it. 

Doesn’t matter since that plan includes unlimited Canada Wide Incoming minutes which solves the problem since you can just text someone and ask them to call you.

Thanks for the reply though. 

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Right, that plan doesn't have free evenings and weekends either. You might actually be better off that get that plan on prepaid, because with postpaid overage costs are brutal.

Either Koodo prepaid or Public Mobile offer that $15 plan and with PM, overage per minute is only 1ct (I believe it's $1.60 with the postpaid plan).

Oh and I forgot to mention that picture messaging is included in the prepaid plans whereas the postpaid one charges per message.