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What is Family calling and hwo does the plan works?

So I was looking at the monthly plans canada wide, and I found that you can have Unlimited Canada-wide Family Calling. So what does Familly calling means, how does it work, how do I get one? How many persons are included, what are the plans options? I wanna know since my boyfriend and I will be living in different parts of Canada and would like to have this options we both wanna get new cellphones so we are open getting a plan together. Could some one help me on how does the Family calling works, and how are the plans

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Hi there Angie... Family calling means unlimited calling between the lines under the same account... An account from someone that does have good credit can have up to 3 lines during the first 3 months, and after those 3 months in good standing you will be able to add up to 5 lines... And since you and your boyfriend will be in different places, the plans with Koodo will fit your needs, since regardless where you are in Canada, 2 two lines on the same account are able to talk unlimited all the time... Enjoy
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Hi there Angie... Family calling means unlimited calling between the lines under the same account...Hey Angie, just to add on to Camilo's answer, if you are on a spending cap, you won't be able to add on any additional lines beyond the first one. ________________________ If you see a good answer, give it a star.
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Just like what Camilo says, it has to be in the same account. It would be the best idea to activate at the same time and ensure that whoever the second account is that they are added as an authorized subscriber so if something happens with the phone and it needs to be sent out for repair that they dont have to bring in the account holder. Hope it helps.
Best part is that even if neither of you qualify to have two phones on the same account, Koodos plans are canada talk and international text 🙂 So even though you may end up not being able to have unlimited talk all the time you will have evenings and weekends unlimited if you choose even one of the $25 plans. Good luck and you wont regret joining the koodo family. p.s. if you end up having to start off with separate accounts once you build up your credit you can eventually join to one account 🙂
So, family calling doesn't mean "family", it means "Koodo account"?
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So, family calling doesn't mean "family", it means "Koodo account"?Pretty much.
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Family calling is 2(or more) Koodo accounts under 1 person's name (account). The person receives 1 bill for 2(or more) lines. It can be boy friend and girl friend.You receive 1 Bill under his (or her) name for 2 lines.