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what happens when going over 25mb on data saver?

  • 29 October 2014
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Hi, I have the Canada-wide 20 (CD/VM) plan with the 25mb data saver. If I go over 25mb, what is the next tier? I used to know this but cannot find the information on my account page. thanks

4 replies

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The only thing I know regarding this is that they send you a text once you've gotten $50 worth of data overages to warn you how much you've spent, and if you'd like to continue using data. I believe after $100 worth of charges they suspend data use.
50/100 dollars? well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised since I just went over my data by...well, I don't know why. I left the data on and went out for a 5 minute walk and viola, 160% used. but actually, I'm just wanting to know the next tier after 25mb which I feel might be an additional $5 for 100mb total...but I'd like be sure. thanks.
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I had a Canada-wide 20 before. I'm not sure of a plan with the 25mb data saver... but if you are talking about the Pay -per- use Data saver that I had before: $10/mo for up to 100mb $15/mo for up to 300mb
Thanks Mayumi. It might be the same.