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What happened to the $25/month plan?

Both virgin/fido have it, and it is tough to sell koodo to people that "just want a phone." Most just wanted the $20 but the $25 is managable. They can't justify paying $30 a month to use a phone a couple times a month. Are you planning on bringing it back?

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I agree, but it's not likely to come back without a massive public outcry. Post the suggestion in the ideas section and I'm sure a lot of us will jump aboard.
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Looks like virgin already pulled their promo plans. They still have the $25 but one wonders if they just going to follow koodo very soon. Fido will probably do the same. They eliminated the $15 plan and their pers second billing after koodo had done so.
All the double minutes ended yesterday (july 15th) under koodo and virgin, but fido seems to be hanging in. It is frustrating as I just had a sale walk away from me because he didn't want to pay $30, and we don't have flip phones for fido/virgin