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What happened to my phone minutes with the new plan?

Just switched to the double $45 plan and I understood I get 400 anytime minutes for phoning but my usage shows I got only one minute left, I didn't make any calls. Before I switched, I had 45 minutes left for calling out. Is this plan only for texting and data or what is anytime minutes up to 400 mean? Anytime 400 WHAT? I can not make any phonecalls now?

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You have 400 minutes to use on a full billing cycle... So since you changed your plan before your billing cycle ends, you are not entitled to use the full 400, you just have access to a portion of those 400 depending how many days you have left on your billing cycle... Also remember that the usage you see is accurate, but there is a delay of a couple of hours on the info you see...
thanks for answering, so I can call anytime in one month for 400 minutes before I would be charged? Then what does the 5pm actually mean? I only had 2 days left on the cycle, so that I guess what changed. Do I understand this correct? I find all plans confusing but I am learning.
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No worries... You can always use your Self Service account to monitor the usage, when your billing cycle starts you should see 400... and after 5p.m. all your calls are unlimited within Canada...