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what are some ways i can make sure i do not go over my limit for data?

data add ons or even pay as you go, how can i control how much i use (android)

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The very safest is switch off data when you don't use it. Apart from that, just be careful what you do when not on wifi, for example, don't listen to streaming music or watch (youtube/netflix) videos, don't upload videos and pictures while using data and you should be fine 🙂
i read here somewhere about Comodo mobile Security and downloaded it from Google playstore, its free. It has a section where you enter how much data you want and at what point to warn you. Also it shows your daily usage by pulling down the top part on my Samsung
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3G Watchdog was recommended to me by a couple of people here and I have to say I am pleased with it. This community is great. My concern was that I was only using 2 or 3 MB a month (instead of the 2 GB I'm allowed) so I wanted to be less paranoid about it and leverage the data I had more but I'm sure it can help you conserve as well 🙂
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Use your Koodo APP and the Self Service account to get accurate information on your usage...!