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What am i missing 75 plan 3GB data vs 95 3GB data tab medium vs tab large

why is there no difference between tab meduim canada wide data 75 plan and tab large 95 plan except price-looks to be an extra 600/2 years generated for koodo to offset the price of the phone and it offers data at 10/500 MB instead of 10/1GB-does not look to be any value to the customer with this plan-what am I missing here

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The value is that with Tab Large you save much more money off the initial price of the phone over the tab medium. Tab Medium is $300 Tab Large is $500
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It's a lousy deal, I don't think anybody would suggest otherwise. You are clearly better off with the tab medium option and fronting the extra phone cost.
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Yup. The demonstration has been made numerous times on the forums. As it stands right now, TabM offers the best value for the customer, while TabL should disappear completely. Of course, all this confusion could be avoided completely if people brought their own devices and the plans were adjusted to "awesome" 😛