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Weak Signal

No signal inside building(emergency calls only) where it is strong every day, can only get bars outside. Co-worker who is with Telus is experiencing same issue. Location: steeles/weston in Toronto
Has been an issue since 9am today.

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Hello Erin.

This issue just appeared recently?? 
I just noticed it yesterday. There was no issue last week. While in the steeles and weston area, I can only get service if i'm standing outside. 10 ft into my building, I lose all signal. Is there a problem with one of the towers in this area? I know of 2 others on the Telus/Koodo network that are experiencing this.
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Hi Erin! Are you still experiencing this issue? ...as we haven't had any news of an outage or a lag in reception i that area. Have you attempted to change the Network mode in your settings? Keep us updated 🙂
My Telus friend and I started getting bars about an hour ago. Issue resolved, I guess.
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Great news, Erin! Let us know if there's anything 🙂