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We want to use our phone while in the US

We already have a Koodo account for Canada. How do we set up a plan for U.S. We ar here for 6 months. The phone is currently saying no service available

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If you log into self serve and check out add ons you should see some options. For your phone Make sure roaming is enabled. For an android phone that means changing the network selection from manual to automatic. If it's already know automatic, change it to manual and allow your phone to scan. You'll be presented with available networks. choose AT&T over T-Mobile if possible (better coverage) If you're going to be gone for six months in the states you may want to explore some prepaid us carriers at your local walmart. You'll find it much less expensive then roaming.
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Here's all the information you need for US carriers : http://prepaid-data-sim-card.wikia.com/wiki/United_States