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We have two phones with you, can we cancel them for 2 Months as we are on holidays, then start them again after 2 Billing cycles.

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Hi there Mike... You could definitely do that, the only thing here is, if you cancel the lines, whatever you have negative on your TAB will have to be paid off with your final bill... You may think about Seasonal Hold while you are away for holidays, like this your could keep your numbers, and the Tab will remain on account...
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Hi Mike, What you can do is to put your line on Seasonal Hold. It is $15/month and will keep your account active for 2 months. If the plan is no longer offered though, you will have to choose a newer plan. The problem of cancelling and re-activating an account is doing another credit check. Every time credit check is done, it can lower your credit score. Hope this helps 🙂
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If you cancel the line : You will need to pay off the tab. You will lose your current phone number. You will get a new phone number and pick a plan when you open an account again - You can choose to get BYOD discount. If you switch to the Seasonal Hold: You don't need to pay off your tab. You can keep your number with $15/month. You will need to pick a plan when you come back from your holiday.