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Wanted 5GB data for Ontario

We all want 5GB data in Ontario like Saskatchewan and Manitoba has.Why only Saskatchewan and Manitoba has this Promotion.Koodo should give same Promotion for Ontario Customer.If they bring the same Promotion for Ontario,i believe Koodo will get more customer.

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As much as we want 5GB of data, we won't get it unless the other carriers do it also. The 5GB plans in Saskatchewan and Manitoba are to keep them competitive in those markets. Until Bhell, Rogers, Telus and all the other cell companies provide more data for better prices, we won't get it either.
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Plain and simple it just won't happen. There have been so many threads on this topic. But nonetheless, I support the idea
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1 word "competition". As previously mentioned, if other carriers won't increase their data Koodo won't eighther. Otherwise this would bankrupt the company and cause an overflow on the network .