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want to switch plan - can special sign-up promo transfer to the new plan?

I want to switch / upgrade my plan as I am finding myself hitting or going over the limit lately with my data and minutes. However I am reluctant to do change my plan as I currently have this add-on where i get 30 min free international call minutes every month. I got this special bonus when I signed up with Koodo a few years ago. I know it is not much but it has been very useful for me and I do not want to lose it

So my question is:
- can this add-on be transferred to my new plan when I switch.
- if so, will it transfer automatically when I do it online (self-serve), or do I have to go into a shop and speak to a human?


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Hello Alex, Do you happen to remember of it was a promotion for a certain amount of time? Usually it should transfer to your other plan. If you try to switch online it should tell you what you will lose and what you will keep.