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Want to port over my wife's cell phone number from another provider

  • 29 August 2020
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I’m amazed at how not poor but absolutely non-existent Koodo customer service is. The lame excuse about Covid is really inappropriate. Are we paying less because of COVID??? NO!!! So then why there is absolutely no customer service dear KOODO???

I wanted to bring my wife over from another provider so bring over new business for Koodo. I’m a customer for about 8 years. I told her don’t worry I’ll call and we’ll find out all the details because they are much better that the others… I was really wrong. First, good luck in finding a number on the website to call. Second, once you manage to find the number, a warm message tells you that you’re out of luck, and you can go to the website or…

I assume I’m not the only one sharing this frustration.

Would anyone know if it’s possible to port the number from another provider and how much Koodo charges for that please?

What is the procedure? First order the new phone and sign up for a new plan and then ask to get the old phone number? I don’t know how this will work since they will assign a new phone number once the SIM Card is shipped. Can this number be changed after and how long would it take?
Thank you all for the help!



3 replies

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You can port a number over to koodo at any time after the line is activated. The full instructions on how to do so are here: https://www.koodomobile.com/en/help/moving-your-phone-number

The number must be active with the old provider.  When you port the number over make sure that you have the correct line selected in self serve.

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You first need to establish the following:

  1. Do you want to add a 2nd line on your account or open a new account for your wife?
  2. Is a Monthly plan or a Prepaid plan more suitable suitable for your wife’s needs?
  3. Will she use her existing phone or does she need a new one?

It is straight forward to add a 2nd line on your existing account from your self-serve account. Decide whether to buy a new phone or keep her existing phone (with/without a tab). An already activated SIM (with a new phone?) will be shipped to you within a week. If you choose Prepaid, you may buy a prepaid SIM at Amazon or any Koodo store and activate it online, once you receive the SIM.  Read about Koodo’d bring-a-friend program which may provide both of you $$ rebates and other bonuses. In the prepaid case, go for online activation to save $40 activation fees. Number porting from the old provider will be done by the Koodo team upon activation of the new account/SIM. Good luck!

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In the prepaid case, go for online activation to save $40 activation fees.

I've seen you mention this a few times so I thought I'd just point it out. Prepaid doesn't have any connection fees regardless of whether you get it hooked up at a store or do it online. Only postpaid accounts have the $40 fee in store.