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Want to change from $40 plan to tab plus to upgrade phone. Can I retain long distance add on

  • 3 August 2022
  • 3 replies

I want a new phone and the tab plus plan (want higher data from what I have). Want to change from $40 plan 2gb  to tab plus (15gb). I currently have a long distance add on for $3 but when I see the add on price on Tab Plus plan it says $10. Is there a way to upgrade phone and plan to Tab plus but retain the long distance add on for $3? 


3 replies

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Being a separate paid add-on I'd like to say yes it'll follow. I'll flag a rep to confirm

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Hello @KoodoMobGuy! We can confirm that the add-on will stay on the line after the rate plan change.

Thanks for answering. I will go ahead with plan change and get my new phone then!