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Voicemail to text for Android

  • 2 March 2021
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Has there been any more movement on this? I switched from Telus because they were ripping me off, but one thing they did have going for them was voicemails being transcribed to texts. I don’t want to waste time dialling in for voice messages, and I can’t believe Koodo wants $5/mo for “visual voicemail” which is just a message file sent straight to your phone bypassing the dial in. What a rip off! And it doesn’t even solve the problem of listening to the message when you can read it 10 times faster.

2 replies

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Unfortunately visual voicemail is the closest thing that Koodo offers

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There is an add-on “instant voicemail” ($3). It would send you a MMS with the voicemail attached. It helps if you don't want to push the voicemail button. You still have to listen to it though.