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  • 9 February 2015
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Voicemail is good but i am so annoyed with either having to use my voice or the voicemail announcing my carrier ...if you have your real name and who your carrier with well someone may be able to commit fraud because they know who your with and it would be nice if it just said your voicemail phone number and or please leave a message i dont want to listen to a long ass message b4 leaving one thanks for your time

3 replies

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You dont have to say your name. I just record my number in the voicemail intro
Well i think she just wants a simple robot that doesnt drag and doesnt say her carrier she is with and she doesnt want her voice used then people will know its her number ....the voicemail could be el tablador that says you've reached 604 xxx-xxx please leave a message they could take out the carrier stuff...
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Me too no more carrier if u choose not use your voice