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Visual voicemail cost increase

  • 9 September 2020
  • 6 replies

I recently received an email notifying me that visual voicemail was going from $2 to $3 per month, but when I checked the cost, it said it is now $5. Can anyone account for this discrepancy?

6 replies

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@J Bailey the cost for anyone adding it for the first time has been $5 for a bit.

The price change you were notified about is specific to customers that already had the feature at the old cost of $2. You're only being increased to $3 :)

When I was reviewing my bill, I noticed that there were charges for $2 and $3 on it, so I removed both, not wanting to get charged for $5. Now I am unable to add it back to my service for the rate indicated in my email. Is there anyway I can get Visual voicemail put back on my lines for $3 per month? I’ve had the service for years on both my numbers, and was really confused by what I was seeing on my bill. 

Any help would be appreciated. 

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All done! You should be able to see it in Self Serve again :) 

That is great and really appreciated, but I actually had it on two lines - I see it on 3065332982, but I would also like it back on 3065841062. Both lines had VV for years, but I was confused about the policy change. 

thank you, 

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The second line has been updated now as well :)

Thank you so much