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View records of calls when in the U.S.

When in the U.S. we added a 30 day unlimited talk and text add-on to our account (we are billed monthly).  When I check add-on usage, only text messages are displayed.  I am interested to know if calls made the same day we added the add-on, were covered by the add-on.

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As far as I know, calls that come in immediately after the add-on is added are covered under said add-on. You should be okay. Best of luck Dean
As long as Koodo was aware that you wanted the add-on activated as of that day, you will not have extra charges on your account.
For future reference, you are able to call customer care before you leave for your trip and let them know which day you are arriving in the U.S. and the add-on will be activated as of the date given.