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Very disappointed, the bonus 1000 international minutes never be added to my plan

I join Koodo $40 plan before the promotion expired on Dec 30, 2016. The promotion included 500 MB + 500MB SFD and 1000 international minutes. I wasn't really call LD and never check if this plan has been added to my plan. However, when I use LD in July 2017, I got LD charge $0.5 per minutes. I was shocked when I saw the bill. Then I called to Customer service and they told me the bonus 1000 International minutes never add to my plan. How can this happened? Can this be fixed?

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If it says in your agreement when you signed on or it was during the time frame, you should be able to get the charges reversed if they were to the countries that the minjtes would cover and you weren't over your daytime minutes if you don't have an unlimited minutes plan and get the international minutes added. Send a private message to Koodo via Facebook Messenger or DM via Twitter to have it sorted out.
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Where did you make the call to? I'm pretty sure that's the reason why you got charged those minutes.
I have the same plan. Your 1000 LD minutes include calls made to India, Germany, China, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, Italy, Mexico, Australia, and Taiwan.  all calls must be made within Canada.