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Verifying....I can text to and receive from US free as long as I am in Canada

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Yes, true Nana. As well as the rest of the world 🙂 You have to be on one of Koodo's newer plans though (2012 or later) but I guess you are right?
Yes I am ...thnx for reply
so if i am from Canada and am going to the US, will I be charged if i text my family in Canada?
Glad I'm not only one who finds the wording ambiguous......seems u have to be in Canada to text to and from US....good to know ...but I will let more knowledgeable person answer your question..
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If you have Koodo's plan and use it while you are in the US, you will get roaming charges. ( $5/100 outgoing texts)
$5 for 100? That's good!!! Thanks!!!!