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USVI Roaming Question

I will be in St Thomas (US Virgin Islands) for three weeks, and am considering getting the $75 30 day combo. Does anyone know what coverage/service is like there? What US carrier is used? Many thanks

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AT&T is a common roaming partner for Koodo. Read here: http://www.jaunted.com/story/2013/4/22/152131/455/travel/Heading+to+the+U.S.+Virgin+Islands%3F+Leave+Your+Verizon+Phone+at+Home ------------ If you see a reply you like, please give it a star.
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Either AT&T or Innovative Wireless will be used when roaming. It depends on which network your phone decides to connect to. To check out the coverage, visit the at&t website and the innovative wireless website and view their coverage maps. I personally haven't went their and roamed so I couldn't tell you how the service is. I doubt most people here will be able to.