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Using bonus gigs

  • 19 September 2020
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Hey everyone. 
My plan comes with 5 gigs, advertised as 3Gb  + 2Gb shock free data. 
When my usage hit 3, it turned off my data. Now I cannot turn it on without paying for a top up. Am I misunderstanding? How do I access these bonus gigs? 
Thanks in advance 


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8 replies

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You should have access to the full 5Gb at the beginning of the new cycle following the period when you upgraded the plan. In the period between the time you upgraded and the beginning of the new cycle you get a prorated data allocation. To make sure that the upgrade has been registered properly, check your self serve account to ensure that it reflects your upgraded 5Gb plan.  

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Can you check your self-serve and see if you still have data left?

Also, when you mentioned the data was off, did you receive a text from Koodo? I wonder if you setup a data usage limiter in the cellular usage section of the phone. I would check  Mobile data section in settings and see if the “limit mobile data usage” was On. It could be the reason for the data stop.

Thank you for the replies!

It says I have used all of my data, but it only lists the 3 gigs. There is no mention of the 2 bonus gigs.

This is a promotion that I recieved upon sign up in late July. I did not upgrade or change my plan.


edit:  not solved! How do you unpick an answer? 😅🙄


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Can you see another data bucket of 2Gb in the usage area? Normally if the plan was 3+2,the data was splited into 2 data buckets. I wonder if the add-on was dropped accidentally by mistake or an error in their system.. 

And you need a rep to undo the “Solved” issue. ..



Thanks for your comment!

I can't find it anywhere. It feels like a system issue - I'm fairly tech literate - but... 

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I flagged. Hopefully a rep can find out what happened here (if you are using the same email here with your self-serve). Otherwise, you would have to contact Koodo directly and ask a rep to assist.

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Hi there! Thanks for reaching out to us. Please send us a private message from your Social Media account (Facebook or Twitter) so that we could look into it. Thank you!