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Any idea if Koodo is ever going to make a reasonable USA data plan available? I am sick of switching to a USA sim when I visit the USA for a few days, but 150MB or 250MB on the 3 and 10 day plans is useless and the overages are a rip off. Just using Maps GPS to drive anywhere I go over the data plan in a day. Data is the reason I'm planning to ditch Koodo altogether. Seriously, in what year are we in now? And 150MB of data for 3 days!!!! It's a sad joke!

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Data is a joke even in Canada for any of the plans for anyone who wants to use their smartphone as intended. The best thing to do for travelling is to get a dedicated GPS unit that doesn't need Internet connection to work because who knows when carriers in Canada including Koodo are going to start treating Canadians fair with their pricing. Nobody will know any of Koodo's plans for plans until it happens unfortunately.
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@ Alexa, while we are working to negotiate better rates with US carriers you could try this tech trick if GPS is what you need most. It uses no data.