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cheapest pre paid plan that provides calling to/from the USA

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Koodo prepaid does not allow use in the USA Get your phone unlocked and head to a US Walmart for a prepaid sim.
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1) Order up a Tracfone in the US (Walmart, Family Dollar) for calling from the US. Free Cdn long distance, but must call a long-distance access number. Costs about $7 a month to keep going for minimal use in the USA. Data (if any) s throttled. Customer service is located on an unnamed non-anglo planet. You will end up with a second phone, since their models are generally completely incompatible with anyone else's. Good coverage on Verizon network. 2) For bigger volume in the US, ConsumerCellular. 4¢ a minute extra calling to Canada, but no roaming. Unlock your Koodo phone (probably $35). Data is LTE. Customer service in Oregon wilth an option to get a timely call-back rather than holding for xx minutes. They use AT&T network. No activation fee or charge for the SIM. There is NOBODY who will roam Canada/US cheaply. US phones generally useless in Canada. You have to be able to estimate your call volume (which usually ends up being double because of incoming calls & wrong numbers, voicemails, etc) to make an informed decision. Both sites make this relatively easy. Best to deal with the providers directly. Walmart staff means well, big box stores maybe a little less so, but most are part-time students & few of them will ever qualify above the noobie level here, let alone guarantee that what they told you about billing is correct.
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T-mobile 2$ per day unlimited talk text and 2g net or 3$ per day unlimited talk text and 100mb 4glte then 2g after. Charged only.onthe days you use it. Sim can be had free by visiting t-mobile store Use Google voice to call/ text Canada