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US Roaming Packages

They have the best plans BY FAR. It blows my mind the price differences and how I can find something to fit me easier. The most important to me is the US texting. I can go to the United States and their add on is only $20! The next closest to that is Rogers at $47.50! No thank you! I mean it would be ideal if some of our Canadian companies could go in the US and text with no additional cost like multiple US companies can do coming in to Canada. But I will take the best I can get, and that is Koodo!!!

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Thank you very much Stefani...you're the best 😉
Vincent wrote:

Thank you very much Stefani...you're the best ;)

Which Koodo executive has Stefani for a daughter?  Wind Mobile $60/month for unlimited Canada and US text, talk and data with unlimited roaming in the US.  If Wind was here in my city, I would be a customer, but like Stefani and every other Canadian, I take what I can get.  But listen carefully Koodo, those footsteps from companies like Wind are getting louder and louder.
Vincent wrote:

Thank you very much Stefani...you're the best ;)

Well I live in St. Catharines, ON and had Wind for 4 months but got tired of being in the "Away" zone while at work and home. So wasn't actually as great of a deal I thought I was signing up for. As well as my data being throttled. I am no longer with Koodo either though to be honest, no daughter to anybody. I have been using a Verizon phone since September because I am south of the border a lot as my boyfriend lives there. With Verizon I can use it in both countries for texting g at no additional cost and $15 between both him and I for 1000 Canadian minutes a month. As a student it's all about saving money. No overages or extra fees are a blessing and the best way to budget.