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US Roaming - Buying for a month, only need a a week

While some people head to the US for 30 days, I believe that it is more common to go for a weekend or a week. Would it be possible to have a 1 week or a 10 day US roaming package? $35 for a 30 day roaming package is steep when you are heading away to the US for two nights. I believe Koodo would take in more money this way, for people are more likely to invest $15 for 10 days rather than $35 for 30 days.

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Owen, you are not actually buying it for a month. The add on last for a month. But what you are buying is actually a set number of text, data etc. There people who go go through 400 text messages on a weekend since it is counted for both sent and received. Once you run out you just buy another one. But maybe the wording can be misinterpreted on their website. I think what they mean that the add on is on your account for 30 days, so if you didin't use it all up and happen to go back to the states within 30 days you wouldn't have to buy another add-on just use the "leftover:
Oh Yeah! That's an excellent point you have there Chris. Perhaps what Owen would prefer is a pay for use plan.?
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Hi Owen, check out our latest roaming add-ons: https://shop.koodomobile.com/plans/add-ons/index.html We noticed that other folks were also asking for more flexible dates, so we took that into consideration.