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US Roaming add-on timeout?

I will be leaving for the US on Monday and returning on Thursday. If I activate a 3 day Roaming add-on on the Monday, will it expire at 11:59pm on the Wednesday or on the Thursday? It says online that it will expire 3 days after you added it, but I'm not sure if this 3 days includes the day you activate or not. Thanks in advance!

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"Add-ons are activated when you complete the purchase and are good until 11:59pm on the day they expire. For example, if you bought a three-day add-on on July 1, the add-on would expire on July 4 at 11:59pm."

So you get 3 full days plus whatever part of the day you added it then.

Also keep in mind that you are allowed one type of add-on per billing cycle. So you could do a 3 day once, but add in a 10 day or whatever if you wanted/needed but not another 3 day immediately unless the billing cycle has restarted.
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Here is a copy of the text I received from Koodo when I activated 3tnt at 1055 AM Aug 16 "Koodo: Your roaming add-on is now active. It will expire on 2016-08-20 at 12:01am, Mountain Standard Time." So, it's almost like getting 3.5 days but beware of the end time as what 12:01am really means is midnight and 1 second not 1 minute. By the way apart from the occasional speed issue with texting and connecting the call it was flawless.
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You can add on with a text message the day you start travelling.  The above link takes you to a webpage explaining how it works.