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US Roam Texting plan- How to Add it?

  • 7 November 2012
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Hi There, I am trying to add the US Roam texting plan for 30 days for the month. Do I just send TEXT30 to 4545 and then ill get a text confirmation back? I heard you have to call to add it, but online it says to text. Is there any way I can double check that it has been added? I dont want to have to call, and then they charge me a fee for talking to them.

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4 replies

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Michelle-You would not have to worry about being charged for basic information...call direct from your cell 611-*611 to inquire or call 1-866-995-6636:) There is no charge to have this added when you call in.
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Hey mamartin The best way to check if it went through is to CSR after you check your SELFSERVE, by the way you cannot add it yourself in Selfserve, only CSR can do it for you
So I just called to add it. Is there any way I can check that it was added in self serve? I can't find it there 😞 I just want to dbl check to make sure it sticks before using it. haha
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Yes mamartin Login to your selfserve 1.click on Plans & addons 2. click on addons 3. scroll down 4. il will show you available services If you see it in the right Box means it was added, if not call CSR to let them add it for you