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US data packages. There should be a data only option with either less cost or more data.

I just would like to state that the roaming plans that Koodo has are utterly useless and expensive.  I just want to be able to use data in the US and there little option.  Not even an “unreasonably priced” option which is usually with all mobility in Canada. 
Give your customers some reasonable choice!  Like Bells "Roam better"  You pay what you $5 a day!
Koodo just seems to act as a cheap provider but gouge elsewhere.
Thanks, Glenn

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Paying $5/day to use your existing plan while roaming is hardly a bargain, though I get the convenience if you're going to be in the US for a day. Anything other than that, you're better off grabbing a local SIM card (if your phone's unlocked) or using a service like Roam Mobility.

Comparing Koodo's offering to Bell isn't exactly fair - Bell's a flagship brand that competes with Rogers and TELUS and has significantly higher monthly costs for most users. You do get some perks like the one you mentioned, but overall it's an inferior deal if you're going after value. Comparing Koodo to Virgin and Fido is a like comparison.
Ivan, this was intended for Koodo. Not for an opinion response like yours. I was asked to submit the idea here by customer service. Please don't respond to this anymore.

Just to state facts (rather than a biased opinion/assumption): I should have compared Koodo to Fido & Virgin, yes. So here I go. Both Fido & Virgin offer the feature that I mentioned (looks like they compete with all mobile providers- even flagship brands, like Bell). This automatic feature is, in fact, much more value added. If I use it for 10 days, I pay $50. BUT I get 1gig of data (100mb per day). With Koodo, the data amount is much less but almost on par with price of all others. ($40 for 250 gigs for 10 days). And I have to manually add it.

Using a local sim doesn't work the same.

Please respond with fact/help and not biased opinion/assumption.