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My husband and I both have Koodo Samsung phones and we travel to the USA many times throughout the year. We live near Kingston, Ontario; which is close to the US border.
Many people in the area also travel to the US on a regular basis

Before we leave on every trip, we have to contact Koodo to get an Add-on to use our phones in the States. This is time consuming, especially when we are in a mad rush to get to the airport!


Koodo automatically texts you when you enter the US already.
[b]It would be awesome, if an automatic text came asking:
[b]   "Do you want to renew your previous US add-on now; please confirm now - yes or no?"
Note: We use the [b]same add-on every time we travel to the US.
The first time someone travel to the US; this will need to be setup with Koodo directly, but for future trips the question would be texted.

This would be sooooooo easy for [b]frequent travellers to the USA !!!!!!!!

We would [b]totally love it; if this idea is implemented immediately!! 

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Hi Patsy, When you go travelling to the US you can add the US roaming package to your account via text message instead of calling customer service. Check out the link I've provided below for more information: http://help.koodomobile.com/coverage-... Hope that helps 🙂
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@Patsy...here another way as well. This is what I do all the time as I don't have to remember what number to text. If you haven't yet download the koodo self serve app to your phone (it's free) and you can easily pick the add-on you need for your trips. I like your idea and it used to be like that last year, but the government changed what companies can say and I think "selling" anything, in this case add-ons, is not something they allow. Although there must be a way around that.