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Urgent Travel Question

Dilemna... I am going to be going to the USA (from Canada) for almost a month, and I'm expecting a short call for an orientation date and a short phone confirmation/identification by someone employing me in Canada, but I don't know exactly when. What can I do in my situation?? I NEED something to let my phone just sit there on idle waiting for one call, that's all. Insight would be much appreciated!

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Hmmm. You want to keep your Canadian number active so roaming is your option as opposed to a us sim. Just dont pick up the phone unless you know it is the call you want. Make sure data roaming is off. Unfortunately you will take the hit for incoming texts... unless you disable your message center number. alternatively, the 30day roaming package?
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Pay per use talk is $1.50 minute. Alternatively there's a 30 day Us voice combo for $15 for 40 anytime minutes. I would also suggest turning off the data to prevent data roaming. Any incoming outgoing SMS is $.60 Lastly, Koodo can unlock your phone for $50 can you can activate a prepaid service with any Us carrier if that would be an option.
@Mo 😨 I would certainly go with the 30 day roaming package... however it looks like it's just for 40 minutes of total roaming throughout those 30 days? If that's the case, since I don't know which 40 minute radius to keep my phone on for, that might not work for me. @Rocky, if I knew the number to call back I would definitely just pay per talk, but that isn't the case here unfortunately. Turning off data I would definitely do, I don't use internet and whatnot on it anyhow. It might come down to that $50 unlock the phone... and pre-paid services are another charge on top of the unlock? That might suck, but it might be the only way potentially.
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Keep your phone on the entire time. It is 40mins of talk time. So only the amount of time you are actually having a conversation. Remember data and texts are extra. I suggest disabling those and reenablig once you are back across the border
Oh, that's very good to know, I figured it was 40 of roaming total 😛 very cool, then that's what I'll use. Thanks very much!
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- Spencer - wrote:

Oh, that's very good to know, I figured it was 40 of roaming total 😛 very cool, then that's what...

No worries.