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Upgrading Phone, Keeping current plan - do I get to keep current add-ons?

  • 6 November 2018
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I'm currently on a $60 per month plan that includes 3GB of data and it came with an extra 3GB as an add-on. I want to get a new phone (under Tab Medium) and keep the same plan.

If I choose the "Keep Same Plan" option, do I also get to keep my 3GB add-on? Or will this disappear and I would only be left with the 3GB originally included?

Best answer by Robert T 6 November 2018, 18:51

Yes, you would keep the same add-ons.
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2 replies

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Yes, you would keep the same add-ons.
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You should be able to keep it as all you're doing is upgrading the phone. Try it and see if it keeps it at checkout.