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Upgrade to unlimited anytime minutes

  • 8 October 2021
  • 3 replies

I’ve been a Koodo customer for 10 years, my $30 plan currently has only 100 anytime minutes. I’m wondering if I could get a free upgrade as  I see similarly priced plans now offer unlimited anytime mins. 

Account #: 22745441

3 replies

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You are free to change plans to the “similarly priced plans” you are talking about. OR buy an unlimited minutes add-on for I think 5$. 

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You can just change the plan in self-serve if you see a better plan for the same price. Beware proration though. If you're halfway through your billing cycle, then your 100 minutes becomes 50, for example. As long as you're within the minutes you'd be prorated to, you can change anytime.

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@Eric Yuan For a low-usage plan, you might want to also consider Telus/Koodo’s other no-frills prepaid brand “Public Mobile”. For $25, you can get unlimited canadawide calling and international SMS/MMS + 1GB of data. for $15 you can get unlimited incoming calling, and 100 mins outgoing, and 250MB of data. $5 add-on for an extra 500 mins that doesn’t expire until you use them up (not a monthly fee). No risk of overages since they don’t do “pay as you go” - if you haven’t already paid for something like more data or minutes, it just doesn’t work.