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Upgrade phone, keep plan, pay $0, resign contract.

I am eligible for an upgrade, when I pay off my $60 remaining tab. I have a medium tab. I want the Galaxy S7 but I want to keep my plan and not pay anything for the phone if I'm going to resign a contract. I went to see other providers to look into other options. One of them said I could keep my plan with Koodo including an extra $6 per month, get the S7 at $0 and resign a contract as long as I pay my $60 tab. I can't find this online. Is this an option and do I have to go into a store? Thank you.

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What plan do you have?

"...keep my plan and not pay anything for the phone..."
 - You could keep your plan, but you have to pay for your phone tho.

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You could keep your current plan (assuming it qualifies for tab large), and get the S7 for $0 UP FRONT, or $200 UP FRONT on a tab medium. You will still be paying for the phone on a tab either way. No provider gives devices away free.
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If you want the $0 down option, you'll have to choose a Tab Large & plan. If you want to stick with your Tab Medium & your current plan, you would need to pay $200 up front for the phone.