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Upgrade fees?

I was wondering, if I choose to go with the $29 plan and the 100 minutes is not enough, could i upgrade to the $34 plan with 200 minutes without paying any fees? I just wanna see if there is any fees or any sort of penalties for upgrading. Thanks

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No, not at all! It's free to change your plan whether your getting a more expensive plan or a less expensive one. You just have to log into self-serve and choose the "change plan" option
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No fees. You can change your plan in Self Serve on your own once per billing cycle to any advertised plan. Just try to do it as close to your billing cycle as possible because you'll see proration on your next bill whenever you do this.
Ok thanks guys! 🙂 Koodo is so helpful! 😃
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Aaron Gray wrote:

Ok thanks guys! 🙂 Koodo is so helpful! :D

No problem!
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Just to add you can only choose plans that are available at the time so just keep in mind that plans change constantly and fairly frequently with Koodo and since plan prices fluctuate at times you might not see the plan you were thinking of upgrading to at the time you actually decide you needed the bigger plan.