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Upfront charge and Tab Bonus

  • 25 November 2020
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I was comparing 2 different plan/phone combos, primarily the tab plus ($30/m) and tab mid ($15/m), i notice the tab bonus doesn’t change at all ($850) despite putting a $360 upfront charge to reduce my monthly rates on the Tab Mid. Does This upfront charge go against the Tab Bonus immediately bringing it from $850 to $490? or am I being charged an upfront premium to have my rates reduced and still end up paying the $360 because instead of the $30/m, I’m paying $15/m against my bonus tab over 24 months (Tab Mid will leave me with a Tab Bonus of $490 at the end to still pay off, where the Tab Plus leaves me with $130) Because unless that $360 upfront fee on the Tab Mid is also put against the Tab Bonus then im getting charged an additional $360 in the end, and that’s assuming the amount I pay to my tab is the same that is removed from the Tab Bonus simultaneously. Unless the Tab Bonus has its own separate rate of reduction that isn’t clear. Equations to illustrate my point:

“Upfront fee” + (“Monthly device” x “Plan duration”) + (“Tab Bonus” - (Monthly device” x “Plan duration”)) = “Total money out of pocket”

Plus: 0+(30x24)+(850-(30x24)) =850

Mid: 360+(15x24)+(850-(15x24))=1210

Leaving that $360 extra I was talking about

Tab Mid
Tab Plus

4 replies

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S20 5G is $1570 phone.

With Tab Plus : $0 upfront + $30/mo tab for 24 months =  $720 

With Tab M : $360 upfront + $15/mo for 24 months = $720.

So, you pay $720 for your phone either you use Tab plus or M

Tab bonus makes customers to purchase phone easier. And if you stay with Koodo, they will cover this $850 amount.  But, if you cancel service or upgrade your phone before 24 months is up, you have to pay back this bonus.

So the tab bonus then runs on a separate rate then the monthly tab I pay? ie. 850/24?

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So the tab bonus then runs on a separate rate then the monthly tab I pay? ie. 850/24?


So Tab bonus will reduce about $35.4/mo until it reaches to $0.  You don't pay into it. 

But, if you cancel your service, say after 12 month you need to pay off tab balance of $360 plus $425 of Tab bonus.

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More info about Tab bonus