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Upcoming Koodo plans are not a welcome change

  • 21 February 2021
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It's saddening that Koodo was originally known for providing Canada wide calling within their plans only to remove it and have it as a $5/month add-on. I know this is only affecting new customers (for now) but this is not a welcome change.

I've been with Koodo since 2012 and that was the main reason for me to recommend their services as well as their cheaper data plans than the Big 3.

Sure plans are cheaper than ever in some instances, but removing features that should otherwise be included in this day and age is ridiculous. 

- My rant of the day.


More info can be found on this article from MobileSyrup 👇🏻


8 replies

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With you all the way… sad move. I’m hoping none of the other carriers will follow, so Koodo will have no choice but to reverse course. Here’s to hoping :smile:

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“We heard from customers that they wanted more choice and flexibility when selecting specific features, and that Canada-wide calling was not a service everyone needs built into their plans. As a result, we have decided to introduce optional add-on features like unlimited Canada-wide calling and International text for $5 for customers who need it. Nothing will change for existing or renewing customers as long as they keep their current plan.”
If they really wanted to give customers more choice and flexibility when selecting specific features - why didn't they keep the rate plans the same and give those few people who would prefer a provincial plan a $5 month reduction? 

Of course the reason is that they get to rake in an extra $5 per month per customer (except for the small percent who don't need unlimited Canada wide calling).

It really annoys me that Koodo is pretending that by adding a fee for many is a benefit to their customers. When in actuality reducing the price of a rate plan for those who don't need Canada wide calling would have been the way to go if this wasn't a money grab.

If they want to raise their rates fine, but don't pretend you are doing us a favour.

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If Koodo want to give us customers more flexibility and affordability, then they should reduce the price $5 for people who accept Province wide plan. And keep current  plan price as is.

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I agree with all of the above. Most of you already know where I stand just had to add my two cents in since the previous thread I posted I got locked out of 😆

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We, as Mobile Masters, all voiced our concerns about this changes and provided the same opinions shared on this post. We'll see if they listen or be the “firsts” to lead this change.

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@Robert T @Mayumi @Lou @Sophia @DanG90 I'm going to try one more thing... There is a thread in "ideas" that is against making Canada wide calling an added charge. https://community.koodomobile.com/ideas-4/reverse-extra-charges-for-canada-wide-calling-and-international-texting-7803239

I never got to have a say in this.  If Koodo changes this, even though I have been a customer for quite a few years, I am looking to change to another provider.  Koodo is becoming like Bell Canada, screwing up its customers.

Very unhappy with this decision and will be leaving!!

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Me too. As soon as my tab credit is done, I’m going to another provider. Virgin, Fido, FM all providing more value at this time.