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Unpause data WITHOUT adding dara

I recently upgraded my son’s plan to include data. However, when I login to Koodo, it tells me that data is paused and to unpause data by choosing an option for a fee.

I assumed that upgrading to a plan with more data would have unpaused it. It won’t even let me add data (so says Koodo Assist) because there is data available on the account. 

How do I fix this?

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When did you change your plan? Was it in the current billing cycle? If so, that explained the issue as you can only change plan once per billing cycle with self-serve.

As well, did you use up all of your data? I was little confused by your description. Data can be paused once you used up all data? Can you post a snapshot of the data paused message here? (Hide all personal information before posting pls)

I changed the plan May 12. They were out if data at that time. 


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Just to confirm, you changed your plan on May 12? After that you could use data normally and now you couldn't?

As well, which date of the month is your billing date?