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Unlimted minutes on all plans

I know a lot of talk has gone around about unlimited data. I agree that data is now at a premium and we are becoming very data driven as customers. But why not include unlimited minutes on all tiers instead? Would unlimited minutes cause too much traffic on their network? I can understand why Bell and Rogers (and their sub-brands) don't do this, it would cut into their home phone customers. But Telus/Koodo could certainly introduce this into their strategy. It could be away to get more customers and possibly take some away from their competition. Could be a great advertising campaign. Don't get tied down by landlines! Koodo now offers unlimited Canada wide talk on all plans! Any thoughts?

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Why it won't happen? Because it's a 'bad' business decision. If anything, I see Koodo losing more money than it would potentially even gain it. Would I like it to happen? Sure! Also, Telus does offer home phone but only in certain provinces. It's not about traffic, it's about maximizing how much money they can get.
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I wouldn't see this happen. Price plans with alotted minutes and data have a price to it for a reason. From a business stand point this would bankrupt a cell phone company who offered this. The reason why any cell phone company offers plan with x ammount of minutes and data tied to it because of $$$. If the plan isn't working upgrade and pay more for your plan. So all in all the lost revenue any cell phone company to offer unlimited minutes is not within reason.